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Delicious in Dungeon
Dungeon Meshi
Episodes: 12 TV
Status: Releasing
Aired: 2024-01-11 22:44:17 to 2024-05-23 21:03:35
Popularity: 16270
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
Season: WINTER 2024
Source: Manga
Delicious in Dungeon
Genres : Adventure Magic Drama Fantasy Comedy Seinen
Average Rating : 9.5 from 1 users.
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An insane magician sinks the Golden Kingdom underground, causing its king to emerge and offer his treasure to anyone who can defeat the magician. However, the king soon crumbles to dust. Guilds are motivated by the promise of treasure and venture into the dungeon to find the magician. Unfortunately, Laios, the leader of one guild, and his team encounter a dragon that wipes out the whole group, including Laios' sister, Falin. Despite their loss, Laios, along with Marcille, an elven healer, and Chilchuck, a halfling thief, immediately return to the dungeon to save Falin.
To gather supplies quickly, Laios suggests eating the dungeon monsters, which is considered taboo. As they prepare for their first monster meal, a dwarf named Senshi catches their eye. Senshi is a monster-cooking enthusiast who helps the group prepare the ingredients safely. When Senshi learns of Laios' situation, he joins the guild, and they embark on their food-filled journey into the dungeon together.

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