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Frieren: Beyond Journey's End
Sousou no Frieren
Episodes: 12 TV
Status: Releasing
Aired: 2023-10-20 20:27:25 to 2024-03-23 00:48:10
Popularity: 32482
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
Season: FALL 2023
Source: Manga
Frieren: Beyond Journey's End
Genres : Adventure Drama Fantasy
Average Rating : 9.6 from 5 users.
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The mission is over, however, for an inexperienced mage elf, the instruction on authentic survival has recently commenced. Once the Demon King was defeated and a time of concord introduced by Frieren and her courageous comrades, they must now depart and adopt a tranquil way of life. However, as an elf blessed with enduring longevity, Frieren must face the unavoidable departure of her human companions. Can she comprehend the notion of mortality and uncover contentment in her own presence? Will she acquire an understanding of the human outlook on life? To unravel these questions, Frieren embarks on a new voyage of revelation.

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