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Solo Leveling
Ore dake Level Up na Ken
Episodes: 12 TV
Status: Releasing
Aired: 2024-01-09 19:16:43 to 2024-03-30 21:18:10
Popularity: 209413
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
Season: WINTER 2024
Source: Manga
Solo Leveling
Genres : Action Adventure Magic Fantasy
Average Rating : 7.7 from 20 users.
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Ten years ago, an unknown passageway known as "the Gate" appeared, bridging the gap between the real world and a realm of magic and monsters. Regular folks were granted with extraordinary powers and designated as "Hunters" to fight these malevolent creatures. Sung Jin-Woo, a 20-year-old Hunter dubbed the "World's Weakest" for his meager abilities, is among them. To pay for his mother's medical bills, he tirelessly hunts down monsters in Gates with lower levels.
Jin-Woo's despondent life takes a dramatic turn after a catastrophic quest when he wakes up in a hospital believing he's the sole survivor. A cryptic dashboard presenting a "Quest Log" obligates him to endure a grueling training regimen, or face severe consequences. Jin-Woo is initially skeptical of its feasibility, but as he grasps the potential to become one of the world's most powerful Hunters, he embraces the opportunity.

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