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Latest updates:

- Add Dub section.
- Search anime by year and season.
- Authentication sync stream pages, login from stream pages.
- Anime Schedule.
- User page and watch list.
- The search feature has been upgraded, now we can find a lot of anime.
- Improve user information protection, keeping users' data private, safe, and secure.


AniMixPlay is an anime site indexer, we crawl content from various third party sites, then embed it together in one place, we also provide tool to manage watchlist/watch progress, cache information about anime, and structure it to make them linked & organized.
We are NOT stream provider, nor uploader, all content is indexed from multiple third parties for easy access.

Built With

Following technologies are used in animixplay

- Apache, Nginx, Litespeed, Nodejs, PHP, MySQL, Redis


Assets / Libraries
- Glyphicon, Lexend Deca Font, Font Awesome
- jQuery, Plyr, Videojs

- 1x VPS 8CPU 16GB (Main server) Apache, Nginx, Nodejs, PHP, Redis, MySQL.
- 1x VPS 2CPU 2GB (Proxy) Nginx.
- 2x VPS 1CPU 1GB (Scrapper proxy, proxy backup, misc backups) Nginx.
all vps are on different providers.


CPU load : 2-8%
MySQL size : 269MB
Registered users count : 23,096
Anime Count : 6,928
Anime tracked : 105,078 (4.55/user)
Registered users active within the last 24 hours : 297
Logged-in daily rate : ±1.29%

Info & FAQ

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