Updated : 3 Feb 2023
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Progressive Web App

Our website support PWA. It's not an app but works very similar, it will add shortcut on your desktop/homescreen to open the website standalone like an app. Work in most browser in any platform.
Open the website and click install button (if provided by your browser) or manually by 'add to homescreen' in browser menu.

Is Animixplay safe?

Yes. We started this site to bring back Animixplay and keeping our users safe. We only put a few ads that have been tested for safety, a few ads that are for website maintenance costs. We encourage all our users to notify us if anything looks suspicious.

Tips for Searching

- See quick search while you type, it often already show what you want.
- Use full search if quick search give no result.

About External Player

This open third party websites to play videos, may also display ads from there.

About Internal Player (Switch)

This video url from third party sites and then play it using our own video player.
Internal player are not always available, and it may load bit slow on old anime.

About multiple streams

Besides player & server options we also provide multiple stream options each taken from different websites. Use other stream if what you currently use have a problem.

I have problem when playing video, what can i do?

1. Try reload the player.
2. Try in incognito mode, disable browser extension, and clear browser cache.
3. Try switch to other servers.
4. If still have problem, report and admin will fix it.

I'm getting "Your browser deny localstorage..."

This is not a problem, just player can't remember last played position. If you want to allow playback progress saving, your browser setting shouldn't block cookies (that setting also block localstorage), read this tutorial to allow it

Why player in iOS different from other device?

HLS playback is forced to use iOS own system with no manual quality select, websites have very limited control over how the player behaves.
All browsers in iOS are the same. Just get used to it, or use another device.

When will X released?

We don't upload any anime, it will exist on animixplay if it also exist on third party sites. Also note about movie, it usually exist on websites only if digital copy released, not when on theater.

About anime release schedule & countdown

Schedule is a rough estimation, release depend on a lot other factor. Countdown also the same, it's based on schedule.
Dub doesn't have release schedule because most of dub doesn't release weekly, and not broadcasted on TV

How can i rate anime?

go to anime info page to rate anime.

How are watchlist arranged?

List is in chronological order. latest anime you watch will be on top.

When I click finish an anime, will it automatically go back to my watchlist once a new episode is released?

no, if you click finish an anime it mean finish the whole series. so it will stay as finished even new episode come out.
if it still airing better to let it in your watchlist.

How to change video quality?

Check player setting at bottom right of video. If not exist, try switch to external player. try server StreamSB, Multi quality, or Xstream.
The quality option place is different depending on the player, usually at bottom right.
multiple quality is not always available. Different stream also can have different quality.

Why the video buffering? my internet is good

Can be server busy, or your ISP intentionally/technical issue causing the speed for the video drop, try switch to external player, or change server.
if that doesn't work, switch the stream, switch internet connection, use VPN, or wait some time later.

Watch together feature?

Use dedicated website/extension like or it is better because you can use that for any site.

How AniMixPlay website work?

Read about animixplay here